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Screen Cable Connector

HPMC/HPMRC Screen separable cable connector/screen separable rear cable connector has long shelf life when storage in a humidity controlled storage (-10oC to 40oC and <75% relative humidity)

Material performance
LSR is a material with excellent characteristics, such as ageing resistance, weathering resistance, hydrophobicity, electrical performance stability, tensile strength, etc

Stress cone is designed with geometric structure which keeps the steady active pressure to cable

Electrical performance
The integrated LSR geometric stress cone provides high performances for screened connector, such as rugged structure, well elasticity and reliable long-term operation

Achieving flexible installation
Without using any auxiliary tools, the screened connector can be installed vertically or horizontally, even under any angle. The screened connector has a compact design which is suitable for installation in narrow spaces

The screened connector is screened and sealed so that it is touch-proof
Good extensibility
Screened connector can be extended with real connector or surge arrestor with easy installation steps

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